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Back Safety

The Back Safety Academy

Prestige Business Solutions, LLC is proud to present a new world-class back safety seminar. We have worked with safety experts for over 8 years to develop a course that will be effective in training supervisory employees to identify and correct problems at work that frequently lead to expensive, debilitating back injuries. The Back Safety Academy is unlike any other course in the field of safety. We're taking a different approach toward educating safety supervisors. 

First, we review back and spine anatomy for over an hour so that students can learn the structure, function, capabilities and limitations of the back. Next, we use a team approach with experts in their field presenting the most up-to-date information. Most importantly, our course is NOT a PowerPoint presentation. We prefer an immersive approach which includes hands-on demonstrations, heavy use of visual aids and open discussions. Our goal is to allow attendees to learn so they can return to their employers with tools to prevent costly back injuries.

Subjects Taught

by The Back Safety Academy

 Back and spine anatomy

Diseases and conditions of the back

Chiropractic vs. orthopaedic medicine

Forces on the back

Back ergonomics

Proper lifting and material handling

Material handling equipment, workstation setup

Nutrition, weight loss, smoking cessation

Core muscles development

Types of exercise

Sleeping and living with back pain

Back support belts

Companion Course

by The Back School of Atlanta

The Aging Back

Vibration Affects

Pushing and Pulling

Evaluation Tools

NIOSH Lifting Equation

Who Should Attend

Safety directors and supervisors

Safety consultants

Risk managers


Insurance loss control consultants

Human resource professionals

Safety committee members

Industrial engineers

Business owners

Movers and delivery personnel

Warehousing and distribution supervisors

Manufacturing company safety staff


Our Sponsors and Development Partners

We are proud of our sponsors and encourage you to check out their products and services by clicking on their logo below. 

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