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Course Description

Learn about what subjects are taught, who should attend, the seminar format and other vital information about our seminar. We think you will be impressed.

Our Expert Instructors

Meet our team of expert instructors. We use doctors, professional ergonomists, licensed dietitians,  certified personal trainers, and physical therapists.

Info / Registration

Information on dates, times, locations, prices, early-bird discounts, and sign-up details can be found here.  Also, find requirements needed for free admission.  

A World-Class Back Safety Seminar

The health and safety field has long sought a solution to costly work-related back injuries. This is why we created The Back Safety Academy, a new world-class back and spine safety education seminar. This full-day comprehensive train-the-trainer session will train safety supervisors to identify and correct back safety issues. Those costly back injuries are a thing of the past now. The Back Safety Academy solves the problem!

We have partnered with leading experts in the field of ergonomics and back safety to produce a seminar that will dramatically lower your back injury costs, improve operations and save both time and money. The course also offers the opportunity to become a Certified Back Safety Professional by taking our companion course provided by The Back School of Atlanta. Sign up to attend a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why We Are Different

We are very different from the typical safety seminar. Our unique approach to adult safety education really works. Nobody remembers words from a PowerPoint presentation. So, rather than relying heavily on PowerPoint, our seminar utilizes hands-on demonstrations and significant visual aids. With this method, you will retain the information you learned more effectively. 

  1. We only use PowerPoint sparingly. Most information is conveyed with audio and visual aid demonstrations.
  2. We use a team of experts as instructors (Chiropractors, Licensed Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Ergonomic Experts). 
  3. A companion course developed by The Back School of Atlanta goes into even more detail.
  4. We cover subjects not typically taught such as back anatomy, smoking cessation, nutrition for the back, conditioning and forces on the back.
  5. We offer a professional certification in back safety (Certified Back Safety Professional or CBSP). 
  6. Our prices make the training affordable and our teaching techniques makes the training memorable and useful.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The Back Safety Academy is the best seminar I have ever attended. The information is taught by true experts. Because of what was taught, my company was able to reduce back injuries  by over 90% last year! Thank you so much for such a wonderful program.

Bill Davies - Denny Manufacturing Group

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